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AZERSU - Our Ceyranbatan Ultrafiltration Plant Project | ..::: Tesan :::..
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AZERSU - Our Ceyranbatan Ultrafiltration Plant Project

About The Plant:

Ceyranbatan Ultrafiltration Plant is the greatest ultrafiltration plant in the World, located in Baku city in Azerbaijan. The total electric installed capacity of the plant is 18MW / h. Clean water production capacity is 570,000 m³ / day. 3 channels have been opened to Ceyranbatan lake from the floor with TBM system. Water is transferred to the pools on the edge of lake. Then it is transferred to coarse filter building after 1200 meters. Water comingfrom the coarse filter is taken to untreated water pools. With the operation of 12 L.V. 350 kW motors, the processed water provides pressure of fine filter chambers of the line and filtration membranes. Motors’ line pressure and the instant flow rate setting process is performed with frequency converters.

The control of backwash pumps (10 pcs in 150kW power), blower motors which is activated during backwash time (9 pcs in 90kW power) and CIP pump located on the chemical back washing line (4 pcs in 75kW power), a total of 35 motors is made through 39 pcs (with the spares) Power Electronics branded frequency converters.

The treated water is pumped to +118 height from +8 height. In the pump station there are 8 pcs 1800kW motors in 6,3kV. The control of the motors are made with LS branded 2500kVA frequency converters.

In M.V. Electric 1 room, there are 17 pcs 40,5kV LS branded M.V. breakers with the spares.

In M.V. Electric 2 room, there are 14 pcs 40,5kV LS branded M.V. breakers with the spares.

In M.V. Electric 3 room, there are 24 pcs 7,2kV LS branded M.V. breakers with the spares.

M.V. is firstly in Electric 1 room. 5 pcs 3,2MVA (35/0,4kV), 2 pcs 1,6MVA (35/0,4kV) and M.V. Electric 2 supplies are supplied from Electric 1. 35kV supply is transferred to M.V. Electric 3 room from Electric 2 room through 2 pcs 16MVA (35/6,3kV) transformer. It supplies M.V. 2500kVA frequency converters of LS via 6,3kV breakers. M.V. frequency converters activates 8 pcs 1800kW motors considering line’s pressure and flow settings, deactivates and automatically sets the rotations.


Business of TESAN in The Plant:

For 75-350 kW motors 39 pcs Power Electronics branded SD700 frequency converters are supplied, installed and has commissioned by TESAN to the plant.

For line pressure and flow process, 23 pcs 7,2kV and 27 pcs 40,5kV LS branded metal clad switchgears are supplied and installed by TESAN to the plant.

For the plant 4 pcs L.V. main distribution panels are manufactured in TESAN and the automation and installment process are held by TESAN.

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