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Compact Design & Easy to use

  • LS Medium Voltage Frequency converters are much smaller than its magnitude with its intelligent cabin design and analyzed heat transfer capability.  In this way, it can be used in places with a shortage of space.
  • It can be accessed to all functions easily from its 12.1" color touch screen operator panel and all functions easily accessible.
  • Each cell, with its location on the control screen, it is possible to access all of the data belonging to that cell, and is possible to make the desired adjustments.
  • With its communication options it can be adapted to even extremely complex prosess control systems.


Energy Saving & High Efficiency

  •  MV VFD realizes high efficiency and high power factor more than 98,5% without any compensation tools.
  • MV VFD realizes perfect energy saving VFD system without input/output filter. 


Harmonic & Power Quality    

  • All our product range is fully compatible with the IEEE 519 harmonic standards.
  • With the introduction of high number of pulse (6 to 36 kV pulse), it keeps your network clean.
  • With its output with a high number of steps, (6 kV waveform for the 25 level) it can be used with standard engines.
  • The entrance and exit do not need to use a special filter or transformer. Thus, the efficiency of the system is kept at maximum.       


Cell by-pass

  • Send by-pass feature as standard. In this way, continuous operation is guaranteed.
  • Cell by-pass can be done automatically or manually according to user requirements.


Smart cell technology

  • Each cell has its own control system.
  • All the guards are done separately on the basis of cell-based and system. In this way, a much more reliable protection is provided.
  • With all cells' compensation their power factor in themselves, a more stable power factor and is obtained.
  • All cells have the same output characteristics.
  • Each cell can be tested independently from the system.
  • The response time of the sistem is much faster because, the data traffic between the cell and the main control system is low.


Inrush current prevention circuit

  • Each cell is equipped with inrush current prevention circuit (Built-in Anti-inrush Current Circuit).
  • This feature provides the prevention of  the inrushes which occurs when the system is first energized, occurring between 20 and 40 times of the nominal current.


Energy loss protection

  • The frequency converter has instant energy loss (Protect Blackout short time) protection.

In instantaneous power failures, the output voltage reduces automatically and it prevents the engine's stay without power. When the energy comes back, the output voltage is raised back to its former level of energy and it continues to work.


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